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Apr. 5th, 2014



getting back into it

Name : Nicky
Age : 28. 29 in June.
Location : Illinois
Languages : English, some French, even less Russian.
Occupation : I work backstage in theatre. Logistics person.

About me
I work in the entertainment business, backstage. I've recently emerged from grad school, moved from the east coast, and am in my first post-grad job.

Two cats live with me, and I enjoy homebody stuff like gardening, cooking, and knitting. I also like to go out with friends. I'm trying to be more social, but it's really freaking hard to make friends when you no longer have the constructs of an education system to help you out and tend to be somewhat introverted. I like shenanigans, drawing, painting, late night conversations that range from fart jokes to vaguely intellectual things. I like to travel, and am saving up money to be able to make that a more regular thing. Road-tripping with a tent is currently where it's at. I've been on one, loved it, and am planning my next one for this summer.

Shins, Antlers, Mumford and Sons, Illumineers, Guster, Garbage, Bjorn, Likki Li, St. Vincent, The Ramones, The Doors, classical... I like music :) I play the violin and am "learning" the banjo (it's been awhile. I may need to start over)

The BBC pride and prejudice, Shawn of the dead, Clue... I tend to lean towards comedies and lighter stuff. I also tend to not really watch stuff until it's been out for a long, long time.

TV Shows
I'm not much of a TV show watcher, so if you're interested in talking about television I am probably not your best bet. I enjoy Venture Bros, Archer, the Rome series. On the list to finish watching/catch up on: Breaking Bad, Arrested Development, House of Cards

Like movies, I tend to wait until it's been out for a few seasons and then I'll binge watch it.

Books : I love books! Currently reading the Goldfinch. The Hitchhiker's Guide series, Terry Pratchett's Discworld series, a bunch of Neil Gaimen, World War Z, Cloud Atlas, A little bit of James Joyce, the Harry Potter Series, the Hunger Games, most of what Jane Austen wrote, Blankets by Craig Thompson, On Looking by Horowitz (which I thought was O.K), Blink: The power of thinking without thinking, by Gladwell, a bunch of classics... I'm currently chewing through a book a week, though Goldfinch is currently on week 2 (but it's thick).

How many pen pals do you have?
I currently have one penpal. I used to have 3-4, but grad school and life exploded and I fell behind.

How many pen pals do you want?
I would like to ease back in to this. 1-2 more.

How long are your letters?
Depends on what is being said. Shortest is probably a page.

Hand written or typed?
I preferred to make mine handwritten, but I'm determined to not let that prevent me from sending out a letter! So I'll accept (and probably do) either.

How long does it take you to reply?
Not longer than a week, though there's a chance I may go on tour in late July, so writing may become spastic until I get into a rhythm with that (if I do it).

Where do you want your pen pals to be from?
Anywhere! Out of North America would be cool. I would enjoy trying to write in French or Russian, but you'd have to expect some very rusty language from my end (haha).

What age should your pen pal be?
18 or older. Preferably mid twenties - mid thirties, but whatever.

Anything else?
I'm looking for friendship, people who may have common interests (or just one or two common interests), who enjoy writing and sharing thoughts on life. And cats. 

Apr. 4th, 2014



wow, this got long...

Name : Ash.
Age : Twenty - Six
Location : Canada
Languages : English, some French, some Spanish.
Occupation : Hospitality.

About me : Well, I'm a free spirited girl always looking for an adventure. Most people that meet me say I'm brutally honest, and funny. I love making people laugh as well. I'm a dog and cat owner, they're my world. I am a huge animal lover. I have a passion for traveling and learning about cultures and religions. I also like to call myself a mini activist, I enjoy voicing my opinions on certain subjects (although I won't force it on you) I'm mature and old enough to agree to disagree without hard feelings, which means I also love protesting. A couple of words to describe me would be Reckless, Honest, Curious, Wild. I have two sisters, one who I no longer knowledge because of serious problems, and yes it does kill me a little. The other sister is also my world. I've also started living a healthy lifestyle this year, getting some weight off and generally just being happier with myself and life is important to me, so if you're on that sort of journey I think we could have some things to talk about. I'm a hockey fan, my home team being the Senators but I do have other favorite players on different teams as well. I love festivals and food, I have an unhealthy obsession with Nike or Supra sneakers. I love being creative, I could write fan fiction or a short story or do some creative journaling. I just recently transformed my bedroom into a Bollywood/Hindi inspired room, that was my major project. I love tattoos, but totally not down with piercings since I'm scared of needles, sounds odd right? aha. Read on..

Music : EVERYTHING! I can jam to just about every kind of music. I'm on a huge House and Country kick right now, sounds odd again right? Luke Bryan, Brantley Gilbert, Tim McGraw, Lady Antebellum, Jason Aldean, Johnny Cash, Blake Shelton, The Band Perry. Avicii, Krewella, Ellie Goulding, Armin Van Buuren, Imagine Dragos, Alesso, Zedd, Diplo, Daft Punk, Calvin Harris. I love old school hip hop and Pop, Lorde, Tegean and Sara, Rihanna, Natalia Kills, The Vamps, Robin Thicke, Danny  Fernandez, Fefe Dobson. I also love 80's hair bands such as Def Leppard, Bon Jovi, Guns n Roses. I even love Bollywood hits as well and Traditional Native American Pow wow drumming. Also Selena Quintanilla always has a place on my playlist.

Movies : Any brat pack movies. The breakfast Clue, Sixteen Candles, Pretty in Pink, Farris Beullers day off, Heathers, The Outsiders. Dirty Dancing, The Bodyguard, Roadhouse, Footloose, Top Gun, Scareface, Goodfellas, The Godfather Trilogy, A Bronx Tail, My Cousin Vinny, Married to the Mob The Rocky Balboa series, Pulp Fiction, Clueless, Lords of Dogtown, Training day (or any movie Denzel is in) also any Mark Wahlberg movie and Vin Diesel Movie. The Town, Hunger Games, Mud, The Help, Captain Phillips.

TV Shows : Sons of Anarchy, Game of Thrones, Vikings, Rookie Blue, The Sopranos (I can watch it over and over again) North woods law, Ultimate Survival Alaska, Buying Alaska, Alaska State Troopers, Deadliest Catch, Alaska, The last Frontier, Flying wild Alaska (I'm in LOVE with Alaska) Yukon Gold, Yukon Men (In love with the Yukon also) Pretty much anything on Discovery Channel, Anything on the Food Network as well. Hockey, Manchester United Soccer, Big Bang Theory, Chicago Fire. American Horror Story, Pitbulls and Parolees, Animal Cops and anything on Nat Geo.

Books : Starting the Divergent series right now, but generally I like autobiographies, way to many to name though, I usually read two books a month. I've read the hunger games series, the Mortal Instruments series as well.
How many pen pals do you have? Zero right now.

How many pen pals do you want? : Maybe one or two until i get back into it, I have been without a penpal for a couple years.

How long are your letters? : Usually it depends how much I have to say in that particular letter, usually at least two pages.

Hand written or typed? : Sometimes both, and usually decorated or on cute paper.

How long does it take you to reply? No longer then a week or two.

Where do you want your pen pals to be from? : I would love someone from Alaska, the Yukon or Hawaii, or outside of North America, I have yet to have a penpal that wasn't from the US so I think that would be awesome. :)

What age should your pen pal be? Probably over Eighteen.

Anything else? : Not really. Just keep in mind that I'd like my penpal to be someone who has some things in common with me, someone who is not a religious extremist either please. Just be open minded. If you're interested leave a comment. :)

Mar. 29th, 2014



Hello, I'm looking for a few penpals. Here is a quick rundown on me:

Name: Emmy
Age: 30
Location: Pennsylvania, USA
Sign: Aquarius
Things I like to do/am interested in: knit, read, shop, thrift, craft
Someone I aspire to be like: Martha Stewart. Not the frosty bitch part, but the crafty, organized maniac.
Some stuff about me:
- I have anxiety and depression
- I am gluten free
- I am 30 and finishing my associates degree in Sociology
- I have a pug and 2 kittehs
- I love animals and make crafty things for rescue auctions and benefits
- I am obsessed with Hello Kitty

Let's be penapals?????

Mar. 28th, 2014



23/F/Indonesia looking for Anyone from Anywhere with Skype

Name: Christine
Age: 23
Location: Indonesia (Southeast Asia)
Occupation : Sales, but really want to have a new job.
Language: English, Indonesian, broken Japanese

About Me:

I have had my depressing days and can be bitter at times, but I am always trying to compensate that with being goofy and sarcastic. And I found that chatting with people helps me lift my mood due to its instant gratification and effectiveness in distracting me from the routine.

I work in the morning and try to get by until I can go home and get bored at home instead. I am looking for Skype buddies to textchat with at work and talk about funny stuff I find on the internet, the small number of movies I watch, and the silly-routine happenings. I'd say I am a great conversational partner and will put effort to keep the conversation going.

I already have some great skype buddies but I can always use some more! I do not care however old you are, or whatever you do, as long as you want to talk to me I will talk to you. It's 1 AM here as I am typing this and my brain is pretty tired at the moment, this intro may not be the best of all but if you have any questions, just ask away!

Current movies I have watched:
- Five Centimeters per Second (didn't like it).
- The Imposter (amazeballs).
- Dear Zachary (so depressing).
- How to Lose Friends and Alienate People (didn't think the title matches its plot, but well it was just OK).

TV Shows:
- South Park (have always loved it, and still loving it).

Top Three Books in order:
- Fifty Shames of Earl Grey (the parody of FIfty Shades of Gray) - Believe me when I say I have high standards!
- John Dies At The End by David Wong
- Dad is Fat by Jim Caffigan


Mar. 26th, 2014


Ready for this again :)

Name: Nikita, Niki, Kita
Age: 24
Gender: I'm a lady :)
Location: Oklahoma, Central US
Occupation: Stay At Home Mom
Language: English

About Me: I am pretty outgoing most the time, but I can have some random bouts of shyness. I like to eat candy, but try really hard not too.. It's my drug of choice. I have two kids and a husband, so I talk about them a lot as well. I also have a big family and tend to talk about them sometimes. I like to watch movies and read at the same time which irritates my husband but I am good at multitasking haha. I tend to drink way too much ice tea and not enough water. I love strawberry shakes and chocolate. They are the keys to my affection :) I am head over heels in love with my kids and love being a mom. I am about to celebrate five lovely years with my amazing husband. I love music!! It's becoming a big part of my daily routine. Paramore, Hillsong, The Red Jumpsuit Aparatus, Manafest, and OneRepublic are some of my faves. I am always adding to my playlist on YouTube. I also love books!! I tend to read more than I should and hope that my husband and kids don't fault me for it. I just can't help my love for books. I have a habit of sticking to the same type of books but I am willing to read something if it's a good book. Television and I have a serious relationship!! I watch a ton of shows and cant keep up with most of them, but I just can't help myself! I also tend to watch a lot of older shows on Netflix and Hulu.

Pen Pal Info
How many pen pals do you have? 0
How many do you want? 2 or 3
Do you want email pals? I am open to one!
Do you want snail-mail pen pals? For Sure!!! :)
How long are your letters? depends on the content of the letters or emails.
How long does it take you to reply to a letter? well I have two kids so it could take me a few days to reply but I will :)
Do you prefer male or female? I prefer female, but I am open to having a male since I am not interested in nothing more than friendship.
Age? Doesn't matter, so long as we can get along.
Where would you prefer them from? I can only do one international penpal and I don't have one yet, so comment away!!
What are you looking for in a pen pal? I just want someone who will be willing to listen to my daily life and is willing to share theirs with me. I just want to make a friend :)

Mar. 19th, 2014

NANA - movie


(no subject)

Name: Jamie
Age: 28
Birthday: August 9th
Gender: Female
Location: Taipei, Taiwan
Occupation: Student
Language: English, some Chinese

About Me:

I'm currently working on my Master's in Biotechnology in Taiwan but I'm originally from the USA. In my free time, I love knitting, hanging out with my dog (Oro), and reading books. I am a huge Richard Ayoade fan(ok, he's actually my celebrity crush).

Music: The Clash, Ramshackle Glory, The Ramones, Crowd Lu, Arctic Monkeys, Buddy Holly, The Horrors

Films/TV shows: Hannibal, Boardwalk Empire, The Bletchley Circle, any panel/talk show that has Richard Ayoade on it. I have too many films to name.

Books: Any George Orwell novel, Crime and Punishment, Harry Potter series, Sherlock Holmes adventures

Pen Pal Information:
How many penpals do you have? 0
How many penpals do you want? A few? I'm not sure.
E-Mail or Snail Mail? Both are fine. Just be warned that I do write in cursive.
How long are your letters? hmmm. I guess it depends on the topic and familiarity with the reader.
How long does it take you to reply to a letter? Depends on how busy I am. Hopefully, only one day at the most.
Handwritten or typed? Handwritten
Gender Preference? All?
Age preference? No real age preference. Just someone who has similar interests to mine.
Where? this world
What are you looking for in a penpal? Someone with similar interests to mine and loves snarky humor.

Mar. 16th, 2014


pen pals needed :)

About me:

My name is Carol and I live in Texas with my fiancee and my four month old son. I'm a stay at home mom and I love to craft! I crochet, knit, make candles and make soap. I've been penpaling for around two years now and my penpals have dwindled so I'm hoping to meet some new ones :)

Anything horror
LMN lifetime movies on cable I'm addicted to these lol
Breakfast at Tiffany is my favorite of all time

Anything by Stephen King and Dean Koontz

I don't have any current penpals

I'd love to have at least 3

I'm fine with snail mail and email.

Anything ask just feel free to ask :)


Konnichiwa, greetings from Chouko-chan~~~

Japanese name: Akura Chouko
English name: Jaylina Avalon
Malay name: Nurul Hazirah
Age: 23 going to be 24 very soon
Gender: Female
Location: I used to stay in Japan, Sapporo,Hokkaido but migrated to Singapore because of Oto-san
Languages: Japanese,Chinese,Malay and English
Occupation: Working in a hospitality industry and part time Japanese teacher

About Me:

Hey guys, some would have known me because i posted quite a few times on penpals and love writing letters because you know it 's like opening mini presents with heartfelt thoughts.

Hobbies: beading,story writing,letter writing, blogging, posting to journal, cooking and zumbaing and loves music.

Movies: Harry Potter series, action packed movies, fantasy and animated ones too especially studio ghibli.

Books: The Harry Potter series, romances and fantasy novels.

Music: Wide range of musics depending whether it has good music

Television: Not watching.

How many penpals do you have?
i have at least five but the more the merrier

How many do you want? does not matter

Do you want email pals? Nope

Do you want snail-mail penpals? definitely , i love waiting letters

How long are your letters? hmm, thats depends really

How long does it take you to reply to letters? I usually reply immediately

Do you prefer male or female? Either is fine

Age? hmm age does not matter really

Where would you prefer them from? Hmm well i dont mind because people have their own tastes so i am fine by anything

What are you looking for in a penpal? People who doesnt not judge and love learning cutltures. I am a japanese and malay mixed so i am a muslim however i am a very open minded person and would accept my penpals as they are.


Mar. 12th, 2014


Looking for new pen pals!

Hey My name is Joanna, I am 24 years old and I live in Surrey in United Kingdom. I'm currently working with animals, which I adore. I love to share experiences and about life in general. It's easier for me to write to people, as I'm very shy!
Things I like are: baking, films, reading, photography, stationary, concerts, festivals, psychology, scrapbooking, cats, animals, disney, mythological creaters, tattoos, martial arts, mental health, serial killers, make-up, perfume, writing letters, iPhone games, fountain pens, owls
Music I like: Bastille, Of Monsters and Men, Rudimental, Rise Against, Nickelback, Sub Focus, The Prodigy, Ellie Goulding, Modestep, Example, Skrillex, Foo Fighters, Arctic Monkeys, The Passenger and much more.
Movies I like: Millenium Trilogy, Let the Right One In, Inception, Ted, Paul, Safe Haven, Escape Plan, The Last Song, Matrix trilogy, Disney films, Star Wars trilogy, American History X, Studio Ghibli films, Pan's Labyrinth.
TV shows I am interested in: Buffy, Angel, Fringe, Continuum, Falling Skies, Game of Thrones, The Following, Banshee, The Blacklist, NCIS, My Mad Fat Diary, and Helix.
What I am looking for:
I am interested in writing to people from anywhere. It would be helpful if we had things in common. I try and put a lot of effort in writing long letters, so if you are the same - get in contact! Obviously first few letters may be short! I like to write at least 2-3 sides of A4. I also like swapping Mix CDs! Oh and I am willing to write the first letter!

Contact me: Either send me a message on LJ, comment here, or email

Feb. 27th, 2014



Hi, Myriam here~


Name: Myriam
Age: 21 (very soon 22)
Gender: Female
Location: Puerto Rico
Languages: Spanish and English
Occupation: Student and part-timerAbout Me:
Hi, my name is Myriam but all my family and friends prefers to use my second name, Odaris. I'm a very shy girl who loves to be the center of attention while dancing on stage. I am on my last term before graduation on the  culinary arts. Still live with my parents, two older sisters, a very sweet-loving cat and the spawn of the devil (also a cat)
I like baking, drawing, dancing reading books, playing the piano and writing.
Movies: Harry Potter series, Easy A, Corpse Bride, A Knights Tale, Iron Man, Die Hard (all of them) and more...
Books: The Harry Potter series, The Giver, All the series set on the kingdom of Tortal by Tamora Pierce, Howl Moving Castle, work by Torey Hayden and the list could go on and on....
Music: I have a very wide range of music taste, so anything and everything with a good sound
Television: Psych, Supernatural, Scrubs, That 70s Show, House, Strong Medicine, My cat from hell, Rules of Engagement, The Next Great Baker
How many penpals do you have?
I used to have one when I was 16 but all of a sudden she stopped sending me letters, years later she contacted me and said it was because I stopped sending her letters... I think it was because of mailing issues.
How many do you want?  2 or 3
Do you want email pals? I don't check my email that much but I'm sure I will if I someone wants to do emails
Do you want snail-mail penpals? YES! I love getting letters and swapping some trinkets and beig able to doodle on letters XD
How long are your letters? Depends on how I feel that day but usually 1 or more pages, not too long tho.
How long does it take you to reply to letters? As soon as I finish the letter I start writing the reply
Do you prefer male or female? Either is fine
Age? 21 and older
Where would you prefer them from? Anywhere around the world outside of Puerto Rico. I am very culture curious, so I'll ask many questions.
What are you looking for in a penpal?  Friendship, open-minded person who I can talk to about anything and everything and will get my sometimes weirdness and think it to be cute or just plain normal :))
If any of this sounds remotely interesting to you leave a comment  XD

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