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sundaymorning13 in penpals

Skype Friend? Kik friend?

Hello, I am a 25 years old girl from Indonesia.
I have a job but I am friendless and would like someone to talk to.
I have depression but i am trying to control my bad thoughts.
I can talk pretty much about anything so be my friend! :)


Keep your head up my dear! Take every day one step out if time. When you look in the mirror say 5 kind things about yourself everyday

I'd like to talk but was wondering if writing e-mail is ok, too?
My introversion is kind of keeping me from being as social as chatting via Skype would require me to be...especially at the moment while I'm still in my A-new-year-again-already?-This-is-shite!-state of mind... (taking me long to get out of it this year... *sigh*)