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ewww in penpals

Snail Mail please!

Name : Raspberry (Amanda)
Age : 26
Location : Illinois, USA
Languages : English
Occupation : Student/PT worker
Email : amanda.e.guin@gmail.com

About me : I'm pretty crazy. I've been through a lot (as many people have) and love to get to know the deepest, darkest side of people. I'm a painter, stetcher, guitarist, vocalist, and student at a liberal arts college on the outskirts of Chicago. I love dogs, sarcasm, sushi, performing with my band, and being a bit of a hermit. I love laughing and all things comedy, and anything artsy. Also, Japanese stuff is fantastic. Tumblr, as well. And my 3DS <3

Hobbies/Random Interests : Concerts, thunderstorms, tattoos, piercings, body mods, cats & dogs, nature, (PTSD, self-injury, eating disorders, depression...I have dealt with these things most of my life, so they're staples and good connection material) food, travels, sex, honesty, cooking/baking, art, nerdy stuff, video games, gifts, stories, secrets, confessions

Music: The Dandy Warhols, Mazzy Star, Nirvana, Beck, The Velvet Underground, The Beta Band, The Clash, Courtney Love, Hole, Radiohead, Elliott Smith, acid jazz, trip-hop, classic punk...etc!

Movies : Mr. Nobody, Apacolypse Now, It's All Gone Pete Tong, Babadook, anything Miyazaki, horror films, British comedies

TV Shows : Anime, Nurse Jackie, The Great British Baking Show, It's Always Sunny In Philadeplhia, Bob's Burger's, Bojack Horseman, Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job

Books:  Anything that's brutal, shocking or classically awesome. Horror fiction.

Pen Pal Info:
How many pen pals do you have? Currently 4
How many do you want? I'm not sure, probably around 6
Snail mail or E-mail? Snail mail, please.
How long does it take you to reply? No more than a week.
How long are your letters? Depends on what I am replying to and what has happened between letters. Probably around 2 pages generally.
Where do you want your pen pals to be from? Anywhere is fine!
What age should your pen pal be? 24-35