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mistystars in penpals

Looking for friends

Name: Karla
Age: Recently turned 24
Location, South West, United Kingdom
Religion: Catholic

About me: I saw some different posts on here for the questions/info about contacting here.

I have social anxiety and ocd. I have no friends really in life and I want some friends. I want to chat with people who are similar age to myself to hopefully make some friends. I have a lot of different interests; art, fashion, politics, sci fi, America, technology etc. I'm open to chatting/conversing from with people from all over the world.

Movies: I Confess, Days of Heaven, The Excorcist, 35 shots of rum, Walk to Remember, She's all that etc.

Music: I like a lot of different genres except hard metal/screamo type music. I like classical, some clean hip hop/rap, rock, singer-songwriter, drum and bass, jazz, soul, breakbeat etc.

Tv shows: Star Trek DS9, Star Trek Voyager, Babylon 5, I like quite a few different reality shows.

What am I looking for: I am looking for somebody or some people to hopefully become close friends with, despite a distance perhaps regards to location.
We don't have to have all same hobbies/interests, but looking for pen pals I have common ground with.

How many pen pals do I want: not sure, don't have a specific number limit right now

Snail mail or email? I'm open to both

How long will I take to reply: Within a week for post/mail and for email within a day or two.

You can email me at sheiskarla@yahoo.co.uk or please leave a message in the comments section here.



I used to do the snail mail pen-pal thing a couple years ago, and my life got crazy and I lost contact with all my pen-pals. Been thinking about trying again and came across your post. I'm Ashley, 29f from Florida, USA. I also have social anxiety and don't really have any friends outside my boyfriend and family. I love Star Trek, though I didn't get much into DS9, but LOVE Voyager. I play a few instruments and like most music. I'm also not too picky with movies so hard to pick favs lol. Shoot me an email if you're interested in talking more: calystazura@yahoo.com


Hi! My name is Joana. I'm from Gran Canaria (Spain). I think you are an interesting person, so I'd like to be pen pals with you, if you are agree, of course.

Here is my post on the pen pals community:


I'm open too to be eMail pals if you prefer that. Just send me a PM and let me know what do you think. ☺

Are you still looking for penpals?