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Feb. 16th, 2016



Hello All!

Name: Yesenia
Age: 30
Location: Southern California

About Me: I am an office assistant in a healthcare company. I’m still/again in school making my way to a BA and hopefully an MA. I am single, never married, with no children. I’ve recently gotten into cooking, baking and loom knitting. I am a DIY junkie and I’ve come across journal making recently so I am looking to try my hand in that.

Hobbies/Interests: Reading, writing, drawing, going to the movies, cooking/baking, DIY, knitting.

Movies: Action, adventure, thrillers, fantasy, science fiction and the occasional cheesy, feel-good make-sure-none-of-your-friends-find-out-you-like kind (romance usually lol).

Music: I’m stuck in the 90’s. Really, I am so anything new, unless it is in a movie and I SoundHound it, is pretty much lost to me. Now with that I will say that my playlist is very varied. Just to name a few I have banda, cumbia, salsa, boy bands, pop princesses, ska, classical, Bollywood, Spanish pop, Celtic, musicals, soundtracks, alternative etc. I am all over the board really.

Video Games: Wow, umm well the only games I really ever played and enjoyed were Mario Brothers (on an old school Nintendo), Spyro, Rayman, Snowboarders, and Medevil on an original Playstation. I tried WoW but I was lost. I suspect I’d need to purchase the book on rules and gameplay before I pick that up again.

TV Series: Bones, Law & Order: Criminal Intent, Law & Order, CSI, Criminal Minds, Flip or Flop, Gilmore Girls (it’s back!), Shadowhunters and I’m horribly behind Nashville and Revenge.

Pen pal Info:

What are you looking for in a penpal? A Friend to talk to about anything. Especially someone who talks/writes back.

How many penpals do you currently have? 0

How many do you want? As many that are willing J

Do you want email pals? Maybe, but I prefer snail mail.

Do you want snail mail pals? YES, this is a must.

How long are your letters/emails? That depends really. I talk a lot which translates to writing a lot and randomly. I think faster than I can write so when I talk and write it can be a little spastic but I think that just makes it much more interesting. Also, it would depend on my penpal and what the contents of their letter would say.

Reply time? I am a little impatient, but I’m also busy and easily distracted soooo no more than a week unless real life is kicking my butt. I love receiving mail – not just bills or junk – so I’ll try to responds ASAP.

Would you like your penpal to be male or female? Female.

Where would you like them to be from? Anywhere.

Any specific age? 25+

Comment below or e-mail at serpentsortiam at gmail dot com

Feb. 5th, 2016


Looking For friends.

Hello there, First off I like to say I found your E-mail on a pen-pal site.
I liked what you said on there and was thinking we could become pen-pal's.
If not I understand and thank you for your time.

My E-mail is lovekaramito@hotmail.com

My name is Samantha Ewasiuk I am a 25 female Canadian.
Living in Edmonton Canada all my life. I have 2 cat's who are my fur baby's.
I been pen-palling for 4 year's now. I found some really good long term friend's
and some not really good people at all. I love writing and getting stuff in the mail
other then bills or nothing at all.

I love learning about other people and there country\culture.
I don;t care for age\race\culture\gender. I am only looking for true friendship.
I am into so much stuff and love trying new and different stuff.

anime, video games, manga, pokemon, baking, writing, swapping, post cards, stickers,
animals, cats, youtube, movies, music, kawaii, cute stuff, dark stuff, zombies, shopping, road trips, history, Japan, cooking and so much more stuff too. I write back all the time and am a good honest kind sweet helpful friendly giving person.

Jan. 31st, 2016

Pretty Stars


Pen pal virgin

Name : Shannon
Age : 29
Location : Olympia, WA (USA)
Languages : English
Occupation : Security Officer

About me : I love the simple life and just being happy. I'm a full time employee, wife and mother.

Hobbies/Random Interests :Reading, writing, cleaning, cooking, video games, music, art (though I can’t draw myself), paganism, animals, etc

Music :I’m very eclectic in taste of music. I mostly love Rock/ Pop, 90’s music and swing music. Some of my favorite artists are: Breaking Benjamin, Nickelback, Lindsey Sterling, Five Finger Death Punch, Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, Frank Sinatra, etc.

Movies : I prefer comedies the most and am not a huge fan of horror. Some of my favorite moves are: The Shawshank Redemption, Get Him To The Greek, Harry Potter, The Fifth Element, anything Disney, etc

TV Shows : Property Brothers, Gossip Girl, Family Guy, Forensic Files (at least this is what I have been watching a lot of recently. I don’t watch a lot of tv)

Pen Pal Info:
How many pen pals do you have? Zero
How many do you want? A few
Snail mail or E-mail? Mostly looking for e-mail but I wouldn’t say no to snail mail (I’m terrible at checking my mail though)
How long does it take you to reply? E-Mail takes me a day or two at the most. Snail mail might be more once or twice a week.
How long are your letters? Depends on what we are talking about.
Where do you want your pen pals to be from? Anywhere is fine!
What age should your pen pal be? Any age! I love hearing stories from people of all ages.
Anything else? I’ve never had pen pals before and would love the opportunity to look into other peoples’ lives.

Jan. 17th, 2016

courtney crown tongue out


Oh hello!

Name : Raspberry (Amanda)
Age : 26
Location : Illinois, USA
Languages : English
Occupation : Student/PT worker
Email : amanda.e.guin@gmail.com

About me : I'm pretty crazy. I've been through a lot (as many people have) and love to get to know the deepest, darkest side of people. I'm a painter, stetcher, guitarist, vocalist, and student at a liberal arts college on the outskirts of Chicago. I love dogs, sarcasm, sushi, performing with my band, and being a bit of a hermit. I love laughing and all things comedy, and anything artsy. Also, Japanese stuff is fantastic. Tumblr, as well. And my 3DS <3

Hobbies/Random Interests : Concerts, thunderstorms, tattoos, piercings, body mods, cats & dogs, nature, (PTSD, self-injury, eating disorders, depression...I have dealt with these things most of my life, so they're staples and good connection material) food, travels, sex, honesty, cooking/baking, art, nerdy stuff, video games, gifts, stories, secrets, confessions

Music: The Dandy Warhols, Mazzy Star, Nirvana, Beck, The Velvet Underground, The Beta Band, The Clash, Courtney Love, Hole, Radiohead, Elliott Smith, acid jazz, trip-hop, classic punk...etc!

Movies : Mr. Nobody, Apacolypse Now, It's All Gone Pete Tong, Babadook, anything Miyazaki, horror films, British comedies

TV Shows : Anime, Nurse Jackie, The Great British Baking Show, It's Always Sunny In Philadeplhia, Bob's Burger's, Bojack Horseman, Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job

Books:  Anything that's brutal, shocking or classically awesome. Horror fiction.

Pen Pal Info:
How many pen pals do you have? Currently 4
How many do you want? I'm not sure, probably around 6
Snail mail or E-mail? Snail mail, please.
How long does it take you to reply? No more than a week.
How long are your letters? Depends on what I am replying to and what has happened between letters. Probably around 2 pages generally.
Where do you want your pen pals to be from? Anywhere is fine!
What age should your pen pal be? 24-35
Anything else? I consider pen-pals family once we get to know each other. I've had amazing friendships through pen-paling and I'm super excited to meet ya! Here's my face :D

Jan. 15th, 2016



Snail Mail and E-Mail pals.

Name : Stephanie
Age : 25 (26 next month)
Location : Michigan, USA
Languages : English
Occupation : Student
Email : belugaorchestra at gmail dot com

About me : I'm a pretty quiet person. I live in a small town, which can be kind of boring, but super peaceful. I am currently searching for a part time job and getting ready to make plans to head back to school. So for now I have a good amount of time on my hands. I love making people laugh, and try not to take everything in life too seriously. I don't have any children, but I have 2 cats that keep me on my feet picking up after them!

Hobbies/Random Interests : Reading, writing, staying up/sleeping in late, table tennis, video games, stationary shopping, swimming, cryptozoology/paranormal, camping, thunderstorms, movie marathons, candles, trying my hand at cooking/baking.

Music :Lately I've been just playing random things on Spotify, but generally I love Adele, Spice Girls, Tape Five, Sara Bareilles, Tegan and Sara, Regina Spektor, Avenged Sevenfold, The Dear Hunter, Enya, Adrian von Ziegler, Celtic music and general calming/ambient music, or 90's music.

Movies : I watch mostly horror films, some of my favorites are:
A Nightmare on Elm Street, Halloween, Friday the 13th, Cabin in the Woods, Dead Alive, The Evil Dead (1981), Trick 'r Treat, Tucker and Dale vs Evil, Child's Play, The Innkeepers, Ginger Snaps, Behind the Mask:the Rise of Leslie Vern

Non Horror movies I enjoy:
About a Boy, Bridget Jones's Diary, Back to the Future, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Clue, Mad Max: Fury Road, Melissa McCarthy's movies, 90's family movies; eg Addams Family, The Santa Clause, Ernest movies.

TV Shows : House Hunters, Any type of house building/buy show really, Monster Quest, Being Human (UK), American Pickers, Bob's Burgers, King of the Hill, Roseanne, Home Improvement, X-Files, old cycles of ANTM, random crap reality TV.

Books : Augusten Burroughs is probably my favorite author at the moment, short story collections, horror/thrillers, mystery, general fiction, trivia books, I am interested in reading just about anything except religious or romance novels.

Pen Pal Info:
How many pen pals do you have? Currently 1.
How many do you want? I'm not sure, probably around 5-10?
Snail mail or E-mail? I'm mostly looking for snail mail, but wouldn't say no to email.
How long does it take you to reply? Snail mail - no more than a week, Email - no more than a day or two.
How long are your letters? Depends on what I am replying to and what has happened between letters. Probably around 2 pages generally.
Where do you want your pen pals to be from? Anywhere is fine!
What age should your pen pal be? 24-30
Anything else? I do consider pen pals to be good friends after we have written to each other for a while, so I am definitely looking for people who plan on sticking around! I also love to send packages out every so often after I've gotten to know my pen pal a good amount. I love swapping books as well! I usually give my email address to my pen pal as well, just in case they need to get a hold of me for various reasons (moving, going on a trip, lost letters, big life changes etc).

Jan. 7th, 2016



E-pals wanted.

Name : Ash.
Age : Twenty - Eight
Location : Canada
Languages : English
Occupation : Hospitality.

About me : Well, I'm a free spirited girl always looking for an adventure. Most people that meet me say I'm super laid back, and funny. I love making people laugh as well. I'm a dog and cat owner, they're my world. I am a huge animal lover. I have a passion for traveling and learning about cultures and religions. A couple of words to describe me would be Reckless, Honest, Curious, Wild. I love festivals and food. I love being creative, I love reading.

Music : EVERYTHING! I can jam to just about every kind of music. I love Def Leppard, they are my all time favourite. I love 80s dance hits and hair bands. Ellie Goulding and lords are high on my list too. I do like Taylor swifts music even though she's super annoying. Luke Bryan is my favourite county artist. Other artists I like are the weeknd, Rihanna, Miguel, Sam smith, Chris brown, Troye Sivan, sia, Jason Aldean, Halsey, Majid Jordan, Johnny cash, Frankie valli, Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, shania twain, Bon jovi, eazy e, tupac, Kendrick Lamar, big Sean.

Movies : Any brat pack movies. The breakfast club, Sixteen Candles, Pretty in Pink, Farris Beullers day off, Heathers, The Outsiders. Dirty Dancing, The Bodyguard, Roadhouse, Footloose, Top Gun, Scarface, Goodfellas, The Godfather Trilogy, A Bronx Tail, My Cousin Vinny, Married to the Mob, The Rocky Balboa series, Pulp Fiction, Clueless, Lords of Dogtown, Training day (or any movie Denzel is in) also any Mark Wahlberg movie and Vin Diesel Movie. The Town, Hunger Games, Mud, The Help, Captain Phillips.

TV Shows : Sons of Anarchy, Vikings, Rookie Blue, The Sopranos (I can watch it over and over again) same with ER. Deadliest Catch, Yukon Gold, Big Bang Theory, Chicago Fire, PD and Med, Quantico, Blindspot, Kingdom, Ridiculousness and crappy reality shows.

Books : I love biographies, usually of actors or rock stars or people who have lead interesting lives. I also love fiction and will read anything by Joseph Boydon or James Frey. I did like the divergent and hunger games series but don't read to many of those types or series's.

Things I like : Starbucks, books, loud music, sitting at the lake, road trips, taking pictures, my doggies and kitty, festivals, candles.

How many pen pals do you have? Zero right now.

Im looking for email pals as money is very tight right now.

How long does it take you to reply? No longer then a day.

Where do you want your pen pals to be from? : anywhere is fine as long as we have things in common.

What age should your pen pal be? Probably over Eighteen.

Anything else? : Not really. Just keep in mind that I'd like my penpal to be someone who has some things in common with me, someone who is not a religious extremist either please. Just be open minded. If you're interested go ahead and send me a message.

Jan. 4th, 2016



caherrera86 (Sandra Lee) . 29yrsold . female . texas,usa

Name: Sandra Lee
Age: 29
Birthday: September 19, 1986
Gender: Female
Location: Texas, United States of America
Occupation: Unemployed - disabled (vision)
Language: English & some Spanish
Religious Views: Devoted Catholic.

Music: I have a huge list!
Yet, its mainly Country, Oldies, Rock (Death Metal, Soft, & Classic), & Pop.
Some of my favs are;
. August Burns Red
. Chimaira
. Pink Floyd
. Boston
. Aerosmith
. Def Leppard
. Tenth Avenue North
. Byan Adams
. Sidewalk Prophets
. Big Daddy Weave
. Chris Tomlin
. The Afters
. Among the Thirtys
. Casting Crowns

Films: Many!
I love the see movies form the 1930s & 1940s.
I am a fan of bette Davis, Charles Boyer (I love his voice!), John Grafield, & Joan Crawford.
But my top five favs are: 1. The Lord of the Rings Trilogy (2001, 2002, 2003) 2. Aladdin (1992) 3. All This, and Heaven Too (1940) 4. Hey Arnold! The Movie (2002) 5. Snow Bride (2013)

TV Shows: A few.
My top 5 are: 1. Hogan's Heroes (1965–1971) 2. Girl Meets World (2014– ) 3. Hey Arnold! (1996–2004) 4. Regular Show (2009– ) 5. Chicago Med (2015– )

Books: I LOVE to read!
I am currently reading The Fellowship of the Ring (The Lord of the Rings) by J.R.R. Tolikien.
Its awesome!
Here are my top 5:
1. Diary of St. Faustina (Divine Mercy in My Soul) by St. Maria Faustina 2. Home in Time For Christmas by Heather Graham 3. The Lord of the Flies by William Golding 4. Into The Forest by Jean Hegland 5. 1984 - Goerge Orwell

Anime: The Legend of Korra (2012–2014)

Interesting Facts:

. I am the youngest of 5 siblings (three brothers and one sister).
. I have been a vegetarian since my sophomore year (16 years old).
. Was going to college to become an Interior Designer yet had to drop out due to brain surgery (had a tumor on my optical nerves).
. I play The Sims 3 & 4 and I love it!
. I love books and writing and sports.
. I am a fan of NASCAR (Dale Jr.), basketball (NBA-San Antonio Spurs), football (NFL-Dallas Cowboys & Denver Broncos, baseball (MLB-Texas Ranges), & wrestling (WWE-Seth Rollins & TNA Impact-Mr. Anderson).
.I love to cook and clean.

PenPal Information:

How many do you have? 0

How many do you want? A few would be nice.

E-mail or snail mail? E.mail is best for me.

How long are your letters? Depends on the conversation we'll have.

How long does it take you to reply to a letter? A couple of days.

Handwritten or typed? Typed.

Gender preference? Men or female are accepted.

Age preference: 21 and older.

Where? From any part of the world but in USA would be nice.

What are you looking for in a penpal? Someone who I can relate myself to.
I enjoy writing to people and having some conversations with them about anything.
Just to give me a some company.
I used to have two pen pals -one that lasted for some years.
Yet, he stopped responding.
It was nice.
I enjoy having conversations with people.
It makes me happy.

My email address is: caherrera86@yahoo.com

Dec. 9th, 2015

PEOPLE • me and ryan (lovers)


Looking for awesomeness!

Hello! The last time I posted here was a few years ago and unfortunately nothing ever hit the ground running with pen pals! I love writing and making things pretty and colorful, too!

Name: Bethany
Age: 29
Location: Southern California

About Me: I work full time at a promotional products manufacturer doing inside sales. I'm married (second husband) and have two kids (8 and 1). I am currently on a huge weight loss journey and like talking about my achievements.

Hobbies/Interests: Writing, photography, babywearing, cooking/baking, walking, spending time alone at Disneyland with my husband, cuddling with my daughter.

Movies: comedies, romance...anything really.

Music: sappy, mushy love songs. And mellow stuff like John Mayer and whatever else plays on that pandora station and the maroon 5 and Celine dion station. Pretty eclectic.

Video Games: Used to play WoW and that's how I met my husband and my best friend. Don't play them anymore.

Tv Series: Law & Order: SVU, The Blacklist, NCIS, How To Get Away With Murder, Blindspot (can you tell the type of shows I watch 😉)

Pen pal Info:

What am you looking for in a penpal? Someone to talk to and talk about life with. And for someone to tell me about their life. A friend.

How many penpals do you currently have: 0

How many do you want?: However many are interested, really

Do you want email pals? Maybe.

Do you want snail mail pals? Most definitely.

How long are your mails? For the first letter, I like to introduce myself and a lot going on in my life. Based on your reply and my response, some times they can get lengthy.

Reply time? I try and respond within a week of recording the letter. I don't like to wait so I try not to make other people wait.

Would you like your penpal to be male or female? Female.

Where would you like them to be from? Anywhere.

Any specific age? 25+

Comment, message or email at bethanymbaker at outlook dot com

Nov. 29th, 2015

Dark Willow


Is this thing on?

Wow, it has been a crazy long minute since I've posted to Livejournal. Somehow, I keep coming back to it! (Perhaps more so now that I've changed my account settings, heh).

Hi, everyone who still checks this community! I've posted here a year or more ago perhaps.. I've exchanged letters before, but unfortunately fallen out of touch. D:

I'm really missing the bonds of friendship bad right now, but it's kind of like attending a party and all you're comfortable with is petting the dog or cat. I'm hoping to find an international Penpal that can allow me to keep my eyes and heart open and add new interesting facets to my life, and in turn, I hope to do the same. Now, if you're reading this and in the USA as I am, please still respond if this post catches your eye, I'm not trying to exclude anyone!)

Little bit about me...
Name: Jen
Age: 27
Location: Florida, USA (I'm hoping to change that by 2017, I want to GET OUT OF THIS STATE!)
Zodiac: Pisces, March baby! (It's fun to consider astrology..)
Marital Status: Recently married.

Music/TV shows/Books: I've been listening to Chelsea Wolfe like mad lately. Her voice is just beautiful. Some other favorites include but are not limited to: Combichrist, Sleater-Kinney, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Crystal Castles, etc. TV Shows: I love Halt & Catch Fire, GoT, Adventure Time, Daria, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Gilmore Girls, Two Broke Girls, etc. Books: Currently reading: Hunger Makes Me A Modern Girl by Carrie Brownstein. :)

Hobbies: Unfortunately, I don't know what to put here. My interests range from watching Netflix, taking my dog for walks, Instagram'ing, reading comics & graphic novels, going to my local spirituality shops, learning about Paganism, huffing my Crimson Peak perfume oil collection from BPAL... But as for actual hobbies? I feel like I don't have any.

What I'm looking for: a friend! Someone around my age (25-late 30s) who cares and puts effort into the friendship as much as I do. I would love to be able to send little gifts, CDs maybe, photos.. I'd love to connect with someone internationally, but if you're from another part of the U.S. too, that would be absolutely cool by me.

If you'd like to skip the comments section here, feel free to email me at industrialblut@gmail.com or message me here. I'll try to check this Inbox more frequently.

Nov. 24th, 2015

my son rj


Looking for Penpals :)

Name: Guadalupe Martinez
Age: 29
Birthday: August 10th
Gender: Female
Location: Arizona , United States
Occupation: Stay At Home Mom
Language: English, Spanish
Religious Views: I"m Catholic and i'm open minded to other Religions

Music: Rock, Pop , Punk rock, Country (Pretty much anything )

Films: Limitless, Home, all Harry Potter movie , all hunger games movies , Jurassic World, Pixels , San Andreas 2015, Furious 7 , John Wick, The Age of Adaline

TV Shows:
Grey's Anatomy, Limitless, Jane the virgin, the walking dead, Heroes Reborn, Awkward.

Books: The Hunger Games, The Lying game, All Harry Potter Books, House Of Night, Twilight Series and Any Books By Christopher Golden, Christopher Pike and most of Rl stine books are good but not he goose bumps books , Everworld series, Gone series, sometimes i just read fanfiction

Anime: My little monster, nana, Dragon Ball Z

Interesting Facts:

I have 4 sisters and 2 brothers and 12 nieces
I have 2 kids under 2 Year Old
One Boy and One girl
I play The Sims 3.
I love Anime.
I love-love-love to read.
I've been with my boyfriend for 12 yrs now.

PenPal Information:

How many do you have?

How many do you want? As many as I can get

E-mail or snail mail? E-mail and Snail Mail please . here's my email (lilmissbossy86@gmail.com)

How long are your letters? As long as they need to be to reply

How long does it take you to reply to a letter? No more than two or three days, I'm online daily.

Handwritten or typed? Hand written so please excuse my poor grammar

Gender preference: Women

Age preference: 18+

Where? Anywhere

What are you looking for in a penpal?
To meet new people and to share information about ourselves to each other.

Please e-mail me right away, you don't have to add me on LiveJournal or comment on this post but if you'd like to add me or post on here then by all means go ahead.

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