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Meet new friends from around the world!
** This community has moderated membership - You should be approved within 24 hours! Your account cannot be deleted or your request will be rejected!**

This is a community for people to meet penpals.. This community is maintained by carise. No one will know your address, unless you post it in the journal, or email it to someone.. Feel free to join at anytime!

A few rules:

1. Please avoid unrelated advertisements - if you have a penpal community you'd like to promote, that is acceptable, but please no ads for random communities or events.

2. Do not harass other users - if you are having problems with another member, please contact me.

3. You are responsible for any information that you choose to divulge in this community - as always it is recommended that you not post personal information (addresses and phone numbers) as public entries - it is better to share this information via email.

Some preferences:

1. Please try to tag your entry - Suggested tags include where you're from, where you're looking for penpals, male/female or age preferences, and email or snail-mail. This will make it easier for new members to pinpoint who they're looking for.

2. If you are going to post large, or many images, please post them behind an LJ-cut, for the sake of friends pages and slower connections

This community is meant to be fun, and I hope it will continue to be!